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Obtaining specialty equipment for your rig can be difficult, especially if its made in limited quantities. Torco Supply company prides itself in connecting industrial workers with the equipment that they need. Industrial equipment is delivered via same day shipping, with competitive prices. We have support equipment tools and production components to produce your goods for sale and distribution.



Blind flanges are used in industrial operations to seal the end of a piping system or used as a mechanism to pressure vessel openings. They're versatile, typically used to monitor the flow of gas or liquid through the vessel. Paddle blinds and flanges are integral to the maintenance of pipe systems, as it allows easy access to the inside of the line. We offer competitive prices for industrial blind flanges, with same day delivery for many of these tools.



Complete your install safely and easily with industrial plugs from Torco. We have sizes and materials to work with any system and withstand high pressure, high temperature and chemical detergents. Each plug is suited to industrial use and meets current safety requirements. Torco tubing plugs are built for use in condensers, heat exchange, and electrical components. With our engineered plugs versus the traditional taper plugs, you will be able to save time on the install process without compromising safety.


Torco Supply Company operates in a highly competitive environment. However, we have managed to rise to the pinnacle of the industry by providing quality products and services, upholding professionalism, and paying closer attention to what our customers need. Below is a rundown of reasons we are the best in what we do.


At Torco Supply Company, we uphold the highest standards of professionalism. We have a team of professionals that is committed our company's core values. Thus, you can count on us to deliver exactly what our company promises.


Torco Supply Company understands that no industrial challenge is exactly similar to the other. Thus, we take our time to customize our products to meet specific customer's need and specifications.


Same-Day Shipping
We have a stock of millions of pounds of products at any given time. We also have the ability to produce a lot of products within a relatively short period. This, if we have the parts you are looking for in stocks, we will ship them to you on the same day you make your order. But even if we have to manufacture custom parts, we will do in within a couple of hours or days depending on the situation.


Superior Customer Service
We hold all our clients in high esteem. Although our office hours are between 7 AM to 5 PM, we have a responsive customer service that is always ready to listen to you and address your concerns at any time of the day or night.


We sell our products at the most competitive prices. We also offer equipment on a rental basis to help clients who only use equipment sparingly to save on the higher initial costs associated with buying.


International Outreach
We sell and rent out our products to clients from all over the world. Thus, even if you are from outside the United States, we can be of service to your large scale or small scale job.

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