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Renting from Torco Supply is simple and smart: you save money, eliminate storage issues and reduce tax-related inventory concerns. Whether you need one blind or 7,000, we can meet even the most demanding timetables, from a scheduled turnaround or an emergency caused by Mother Nature.


Our rental blinds are manufactured according to API 590 standards stamped with size and rating. In addition, we color-code the handles for easy identification. We offer secure, lockable blind racks for easy access, convenient storage and simple deployment throughout your facility while minimizing the risk of loss or theft.


You’ll receive new-condition blinds palletized, crated or on a lockable rack. We make returning your rental order easy, too. Here are a few benefits to renting our paddle blinds:

  1. Convenient "7" handle

  2. Color Coded for pipe rating

  3. Stamped with size and pipe rating

  4. Ground and Painted

We ship our blinds a few different ways

  1. Job boxes

    1. convenient storage​

    2. most blinds up to 16" can be shipped in the boxes

  2. Palletized

    1. all larger blinds will be palletized​

    2. any size order can be palletized

  3. Racking system (Setup only available within 200 miles of Lehighton, PA)

    1. blinds conveniently hung for easy finding​

    2. keeps blinds confined to smaller more organized area

Our billing and pricing is simple. We quote you the price of the rental.  The rental is for the duration of the Job, not weekly or monthly.

Very simple from beginning to end:

  • We quote

  • You order

  • We ship

  • We bill

  • You use

  • We pick up (or you ship)

  • We inventory

  • We charge for shortages

  • You save money, we both win.

For shortages we will charge you our sale price for the blind, minus any rental that you paid for the blind. No double billing you or paying twice for a blind.

Lastly I would like to mention that we have had tremendous success with our return rates.  Generally about 95% of the blinds that we ship have been returned.  The highest non-return rate to date was about 10%.



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